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Getting Help With My Business

What Kinds Of Fall Prevention Methods Are There?

Alex Vicente

There are many fall prevention options for job sites, depending on the type of work you do. Here are some options that apply to many fields. 


The first thing to consider is your lighting, especially if you will have workers at the job site at night or in low-level lighting conditions. Make sure that any changes in elevation are lit well, including stairways and grades in the terrain. Also use lighting to denote any equipment or cords that run along the floor of the job site. This, along with signs to denote potential obstacles, can prevent many slips and falls. 

Surface Maintenance

Surface maintenance is another component of fall safety. For instance, using nonskid surface materials may be appropriate for highly trafficked areas. If there are any liquids that could potentially spill on your surface, then make sure that all crew are trained to look for potential hazards. 

Fall Protection Gear

Fall protection gear is appropriate any time employees could fall from a height greater than their own body height. This could include helmets, harnesses, and anti-slip gloves. Check with the appropriate models for your industry. If your job site includes a free-standing structure, the harnesses may need to be clipped into the structure itself, or additional scaffolding may need to be installed in order to support and protect your employees. 


Scaffolding has many advantages. It can prevent employees from falling a great height in case your fall prevention equipment fails. It will also prevent employees below from being endangered by falling tools and objects. 


A final component of fall prevention on the job site is training employees well. Many falls can be avoided by teaching employees how to use equipment properly, especially if it requires them to be above ground level. There are companies that help with this training, but you may want to start a regular training review at your job site and include instructions in your employee handbook. 

In short, there are plenty of ways to help promote fall safety on your site. It helps to consult a professional to get job site specific fall prevention plans that take into account the nature of your work, the training level of your employees, and the specific layout of your job site. Investing in the right fall protection equipment and training may take some initial cost, but it's worth it to prevent the risk of injuries, site damage and liabilities.