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Getting Help With My Business

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Getting Help With My Business

5 Steps That Will Help Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Safe From Fires

Alex Vicente

If you own and run your own restaurant, your biggest fire risk lies in your commercial kitchen. If you want to keep your commercial kitchen safe, there are a number of safety measures that you can implement. 

Get A Consultation:

One of the best things you can do is hire a fire protection engineer to come out and inspect your kitchen. They can consult with you and provide you with tips and advice on how you can structural arrange your commercial kitchen in order to maximize safety and cut down on fire hazards. 

Install Multiple Types Of Fire Alarms: 

There are more than one type of fire alarm, and your kitchen should be equipped with more than one to keep everyone safe. You should have thermal sensors installed in your kitchen that can be programmed to set off an alarm if the heat exceeds a set amount.

You can change the settings for sensors near the stove so that they are hotter, and make the sensors further from the heat sources in your kitchen a little lower. You can also install an ionization or photoelectric system that is more sensitive to smoke. 

Hire A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Although it is great to have fire alarms in place, fire alarms do not call 911 for you; they just alert everyone on the premise of the fire so they can get to safety. If you want 911 called as soon as a fire is detected, no matter the time of day or night, you'll want to hire a fire monitoring company. If your alarms ever go off, they will help ensure that first responders get to the scene right away. 

Install Sprinklers 

It is a smart idea to install sprinklers in your kitchen. That way, if a fire every does take off, it can hopefully be extinguished before the fire department even arrives. Although sprinklers may damage some of your units and potentially cause water damage, they are generally a lot less devastating consequences than losing your whole restaurant to a fire. 

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy:

As an owner of a commercial kitchen, it is best to have too many fire extinguishers than not enough. Keep a fire extinguisher near every major appliance that puts off heat in your kitchen, and keep them near every exit as well. You will need both chemical fire extinguishers and well as class K fire extinguishers. 

Next, make sure that your employees actually know how to use a fire extinguisher in a safe manner. Hold a professional development session where you go over how to properly and safely use a fire extinguisher. Make sure they know which kind of fire extinguisher to use all the types of fires they may encounter in a commercial kitchen. By providing your employees with practice, they will be more confident responding during an emergency situation. 

By taking the steps above, you'll make your commercial kitchen a safer place to be, and you'll reduce the chance of your business being destroyed by a fire.